The Little Mermaid Now Joins the Mermaidbox

The Little Mermaid Keychain

I have gotten requests for The Little Mermaid to be included in The Mermaidbox so she has now swam over our way and will be included in the very next one.  Yeah.  You ask.  We listen.  We will also be including beauty items like nail polish, hair products, gorgeous jewelry and other fun items in our next Limited Edition subscription box.

Remember we also give 10% of our profit to help save dolphins and whales.  We are very excited that there will be no more Orca breeding in Sea World as a result of protests.  Whales were meant to be wild like mermaids and need a much larger space to play and live in like the vast oceans.  Have you ever gone whale watching?  That is super exciting you can see wild whales playing and doing tricks and free.  Just like the movie, Free Willie.  If you never saw that it’s a great movie to show your kids on DVD.

What else would you like to see in our Mermaidbox?  We are very interested in your feedback.  Tell your friends about us.  We will be starting a referral program soon where you can get free boxes and prizes by sharing Mermaidbox.



We also will be partnering with Fin Fun Mermaid Tails.   Would you or your little mermaid like to get a fabulous mermaid tail to swim around in this summer?  They actually help you swim faster.

Now your fantasy to be a mermaid will come true.  This is really exciting.  It gives us one more wonderful reason to look forward to summer.  Of course if you’re in a fabulous hot spot like Marina Del Rey or Orlando, Florida you can already enjoy swimming and lounging at the beach.

Mermaidbox contributes to save ocean life
SeaWorld will Stop Raising Orcas and start conserving ocean wild life.

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